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Our Green Mission

It’s the ongoing initiative that describes our commitment to reducing our environmental impact on the world. Often people worry about performance being compromised to satisfy green requirements, however our green solutions won’t compromise durability. As a matter of fact, Renewed Environments has put together specifications that meet or exceed some of the strictest regulatory rules with some of the best products we manufacture.

As an industry leader in manufactured and remanufactured goods, we are making the commitment to the environment by instituting manufacturing procedures that focus on solid waste reduction, recycling, and the refurbishment processes. We are researching and developing innovative and advanced ways of coating product and pioneering the use of renewable or sustainable raw materials. To help reduce harmful emissions, we have partnered with companies that supply coatings that have fewer VOCs that require fewer coats and longer spans between paintings. The glues we use have been converted to water based adhesives, non flammable and extremely low VOC and VHAP content as well. Even our edgebanding is being converted to more environmentally friendly materials with little to no chlorine and some recycled plastics.

We are promoting awareness of proper surface preparation and application processes to help lengthen the life span of coatings, thereby reducing the frequency of paint-related emissions and waste. We utilize coatings that are easy to clean and resist mildew, harmful bacteria and other microbes which improve the air quality within indoor and outdoor environments.

Our factory utilizes air tools which help reduce our use of electricity or gas powered machines. Our large vacuum system ensures airborne dust is kept to a minimum for the health of the associates, cleanliness of the shop, finished materials and client storage. All of the paint spraying booths are contained in a sealable room and are filtered and exhausted outside in a controlled environment rather than into the warehouse atmosphere. We have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our personnel which in turns helps them concentrate on creating a quality product that both the customer and company can be proud of.

We are helping our customers select the right products for their unique projects each and every day. We focus on the overall mission of the customer while promoting the benefits of our products with regards to the environment and cost to the customer. We pride ourselves in being able to benefit the environment and still keep our costs low; translating into products that our customers find to be both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Even companies as large as DuPont have developed missions that incorporate buying, utilizing, and operating with the Green Perspective in mind. This is great news, and going green for large companies is quickly becoming a must. Those who do not adapt and integrate the latest sustainable technologies and ideas will be at a competitive disadvantage before too long. Renewed Environments has taken steps since its inception to be a sustainable solution to the marketplace. With hundreds of examples of successful reutilization, Renewed has supplied its customers with alternatives to purchasing new office furniture, by giving them the ability to utilize their existing inventory of office furniture, saving space in our landfills and reducing harmful emissions in the disposal processes. Our division not only benefits the customer, it benefits the world’s environments.

We are doing our part, give us a call today and see how we can help you do yours.


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