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Laminate Area


The laminate area is where we fabricate all worksurfaces, tables and other products.  Our table line includes a variety of edgebanding that coordinates with the available laminate options.  Tables are available in a wide variety of standard shapes. Our wood edge details are a 3mm flat edge, bullnose or picture frame up to 1-1/2” offered in oak, cherry, poplar and maple.

The worksurfaces are made using 1-1/8” particleboard core with a laminate or wood veneer on the top and a backer sheet to finish the underside.  The particleboard , laminate and backer sheet is sized to specification.  The surfaces to be bonded, are glued using a high solid, water based contact adhesive. The pieces are then joined and pinch rolled with 100 pounds per square inch of direct pressure.  Overhanging laminates are trimmed with high-speed routers and the edge is then applied. The piece is cleaned, quality checked, stacked on skids, stretch wrapped and staged for shipping.  Renewed Environments can closely match Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Trendway and Haworth in color and specification.


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