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Renewed Environments uses environmentally safe enamel that is applied through a sprayed application in an air quality controlled paint booth.

  • Water based enamel paints
  • Paints are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified
  • EPA compliant for low VOC levels
  • 3000 storage components remanufactured each year

Panel parts such as side rails, top caps and kickplate assemblies are quality checked and cross-referenced with the panel list provided by the Fabric area.  Components such as overhead, storage bins and pedestals are quality checked and disassembled. All grease is removed with solvents.  The pieces are thoroughly sanded using 60-micron sandpaper. The pieces are washed, dried and sprayed to a 3-4 mil thickness with water reducible enamel Sherwin Williams, Polane 700 T, Polyurethane-acrylic enamel, F-H pencil hardness.  After they are dry to touch, the pieces are removed from the booth and placed on drying racks for 72 hours to cure. Panel parts are sent back to the Fabric area and the components are reassembled and moving parts are greased. The finished products are blanket wrapped, stretch wrapped and staged for shipping.


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