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Fabric Cleaning

Over the years, through regular use office furniture can become dirty and dust can build up within the fabric. Our cleaning team uses state of the art extraction process to rejuvenate the fabric on workstation panels, task and lounge seating.

Fabric Protection

How does fabric protection work?
Once the fabric protection formula is applied, a molecular bond is formed around each fiber in the fabric, creating an invisible barrier that protects the fabric.

What does it protect against?
Fabric protection from Corporate Interiors prevents the permanent staining of your fabric from food and beverages normally found in the workplace, prevents fading and reduces dust accumulation.

Will it affect the appearance of the furniture?
Fabric protection is totally invisible and becomes part of the fiber within the fabric. You cannot see, smell or feel it.

What if an accidental spill happens?
Simply blot the affected area. If a solid spill, such as mustard or ketchup, remove as much as possible with a spoon. Then blot again. If the stain remains, call our toll free number and Corporate Interiors will take care of the rest.

Environmentally friendly
Our fabric protection formula is water-based containing no hazardous solvents. It is ozone safe, containing no CFC’s or silicones and is compliant with all federal and state government guidelines

Surfaces safe for direct contact
Our fabric protection formula is non-toxic, non-allergenic. and safe for children and pets. All products are tested for effectiveness against water-based and solvent based stains.

Anti-static additives
Repels harmful airborne dust and dirt particles that can damage fabric, leather and wood furniture. This special additive can increase the life of your furniture by 50%.

Ultra-violet inhibitor
Helps reduce fading due to Ultra Violet (UV) radiation exposure from sunlight and fluorescent lights.


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